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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Operating With A Blown Mind

I have an ex-boyfriend. I have a few but he's the MAJOR 'Ex" -- I was with him for 6 or 7 years, neither one of us know because we broke up and got together about 7* times.

One thing that we had in common is an insane passion for music and the culture where it thrives. We were always trying to turn each other on to stuff in the genre where we were most passionate. Me? Rock/alternative. He? Hip hop. There was a small area where we agreed -- but there was a lot of new exposures for both of us. I can still remember the pain on his face when he walked into the house to me singing "Bat Out Of Hell" at the top of my lungs in full MeatLoafian operatic mode.

He had a philosophy when it came to actually purchasing a record. I've been walking around with this philosophy in my head so long I thought I came up with it, but no, it was him.

"Do not buy a record based upon the first single. You need to listen to at least 4 before making a purchase."

This holds true especially in Pop since "album oriented radio" is deader than Lenin. Once upon a time, artists and labels wanted their record to be the best examples of their body of work. That's why you can listen to "Rumors" by Fleetwood Mac and EVERY SINGLE SONG is good. This is also why certain current albums with promising singles end up being coasters or filler for the CD tower. Yes, I'm looking at YOU Scissor Sisters! (I'm sorry, but Ta-DAH isn't as catchy or as listenable as your eponymous debut, which I loved.)

The Ex is also why I had heard of Cee-Lo Green -- back when he was in the Goodie Mob we had their CD in the house. They were a dirty-south group, and he seemed the typical thug but he had a sense of humor. This is why I am so incredibly floored by his voice and his lyrics in Gnarls Barkley.

St. Elsewhere is the first "new" record I've purchased that has really knocked me out in so long I almost have hope for the music business again. Not quite, but almost. I've been hearing the single "Crazy" on the radio forever, but I refused to purchase the record based upon the first single.

Then I stumbled upon the video for "Who Cares?" on YouTube. It's brilliant. I loved the song, but even more the video is taken directly from one of the greatest of 70's Blaxploitation movies EVER -- yes, better than Dolomite!

BLACULA. As you might know from an earlier posting that I probably have more working knowledge of 70's blaxploitation cinema than the average suburban white girl (thanks yet again, to the Ex). I love how Gnarls Barkley gets it so RIGHT and yet sets it in 2006 -- beyond clever. And getting Mario Van Peebles? HOW FUNNY (his father was Sweetback!).

St. Elsewhere is like nothing I've heard but mixes a little bit of everything I've ever liked! There's introspective lyrics, there's funky beats, there's weird ambient noises, there's angelic background vocals, there's a sense of innocent play (despite a song about necrophilia) and I can't believe it's the same guy who rapped about eating fried chicken and collard greens.

I know I'm slow on the uptake and that they dropped the record back in May. I don't claim to be cutting edge or cool...I just claim to be right.

*Actually I won...because I broke up with him 4 times to his dumping me 3 times -- but why be petty?


  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger Maulleigh said…

    Now I feel like a dumbass for sending you the Scissor Sisters!! D'oh!! Forgive? I'll send you something else next time. But then it wouldn't be a surprise!!!


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