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Thursday, November 30, 2006

How Do You Hold A Moonbeam In Your Hand?

I am not an actress, although I will admit to being in a few community theater productions of musicals -- I love to sing, and that's my main motivation.

Growing up with the squarest parents in the Universe did have some benefits. I never had to tell my Mom to stay out of my stash. I also was exposed to a ton of music from genres other than "popular". I knew tons of doo-wop because of my father's insistence to playing 8-track compliations like "Fonzie's Favorites" in the car. My brother and I can still break into "Charlie Brown" or "Sillouettes on the Shade". We also listened to Simon & Garfunkel, the Beach Boys, Supertramp, Queen and of course, countless "original cast recordings" of various Broadway musicals.

I think my father liked Queen because of the theatrical quality of their music. My Dad is a church organist, choir director, and has even composed many hymns and arrangements for traditional hymns. He has also acted and sang in various community theater productions of musicals. It's weird watching your Lutheran School Principal father shake his belly and snap his fingers singing "If I Were A Rich Man"...but I'll give it to him, he was great.

I cherish my dear friend M. because she gets just as geeked out over musicals as I do and has been known to burst into song with me while watching one or merely walking down the street. She also turned me on to one of the soundtracks in this top 10, a show that would NOT have been played in my childhood home for any number of reasons. Mostly because the words "Fellatio" and "Cunnilingus" are in the lyrics of one of the songs.

Here are the top ten best musicals/soundtracks:

1. Jesus Christ Superstar (there are so many versions - my least favorite is the movie version because Jesus sounds kind of wussy here and there and I like a badass Jesus but the movie Judas ROCKS.)
2. Evita (Original Cast Recording with Patti LuPone)
3. Sound of Music (the movie version)
4. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
5. West Side Story (the movie version)
6. Les Miserables
7. Rocky Horror Picture Show (the movie version)
8. Oliver! (the movie version)
9. A Chorus Line (Original cast recording)
10. Fiddler On The Roof (Original cast recording).

HONORABLE MENTION: Godspell - I just wish there was a soundtrack that included the opening number "Tower of Babel" because that is so much fun to sing! I was Thomas Aquinas in our local production before morphing into the slutty "Turn Back O Man" broad. I also have a soft spot for Godspell since both my father AND my brother have played the part of Jesus.

I know I left a lot off, there could be at least 10 more that could tie with any of the above but what finally formed the top ten up there are the overall quality of all the songs and performances AND how good any song from the above sounds in the shower at top volume.

I dare you NOT to belt out "Die if you want to, you innocent puppet!"


  • At 1:31 PM, Blogger Maulleigh said…

    Man, I get a shout out in your blog. You rock. Hmmmm, my top ten (in no particular order mind you).

    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Guys and Dolls
    Jesus Christ Superstar

    I'm sure I'll think of more!

  • At 12:00 PM, Anonymous b@risingstorm said…

    i was lucky enough to play guitar in my high school's pit orchestra for a bunch of shows. most notably: Godspell, JC Superstar, and TOMMY.

    So I can dig this list! Die if you want to you innocent puppet! hah, i know that one. Nothing feels better than the 39 lashes lick tho!


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