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Friday, April 07, 2006

What's Wrong With Music Today? The Pussycat Dolls

These girls are dancers. They used to be a Burlesque Troupe (since there's a burlesque revival -- if you are not a Bettie Page freak- hipster-DIY-pinup- rockabilly type you might not be "cool" enough to know this) but got greedy and decided that they wanted more. They wanted pop stardom. They thought headlining in Vegas wasn't good enough and they could turn their sassy moves and skimpy clothes into mad Benjamins instead of the sweaty crumpled Washingtons that used to be stuffed into their musty thongs.

I have a love-hate thing with Pop in general as one might have guessed from reading any of my previous posts. I hate the vapidness and manufactured pablum quality of the music that is getting the most radio airplay. My mate says, "It's just harmless pop! It's not hurting anybody!" but I disagree. It hurts me. It hurts me very deeply, scarring my soul, warping ny DNA and sending free-radicals throughout my body causing inflammation and premature aging. It also gives me that "not so fresh feeling".

Why? Because they are no more than a skankier Backstreet Boys. They write nothing. They produce nothing. Only one of them can kind of sing and she has that generic psuedo-R&B voice and the rest of them just kind of lipsynch to background singers. They look good (most of them, the redhead is a Butta Face) and they can move, and that's about it. HOWEVER they keep charting, their album is selling, and 5 of their songs are on the AOL Top 100 Videos.

I don't care that they're overtly sexual and that six year old girls watching their videos are going to hike their shorts up until their labia are practically hanging out and do pelvic thrusts while singing, "Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?" -- what disturbs me is that some girl is going to want to be a pop star and instead of learning an instrument and writing decent lyrics, she's going to use her sexuality instead of any other kind of talent because Pop says you don't NEED talent! You only need a nicely toned midriff and the ability to stick your ass out with some kind of rhythm.

I will not be posting any of their inane lyrics because I cannot say anything better than what I read last night from She-ra at The Road More Travelled.


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