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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Talk Radio Is Whitewashed

Where is the diversity in radio in general and WFNY 92.3 Free FM in particular?

They only have one radio personality of color on the
network. Chuck Nice on afternoon drive as a co-host
with Lisa Gold aka the Radio Chick, who is NOT a person of color.

Here's what I don't understand -- I KNOW that Howard Stern had a large black audience. I also know that Power 105 -- a hip hop station -- has huge ratings in the morning with their morning talk show host (who is known to cut songs off, so you know they're not listening to the station just for the music). Do the powers that be think that because 92.3 used to be K-Rock that there are no black listeners out there?

David Lee Roth is tanking. They need to shake it up over there. They need to get that Crossover Negro Reese, formerly of Power 105's Star and Buc Wild Morning show in there to stir things up. He is well read and bitingly funny and people of ANY color can identify with his kind of snarky humor.

I think it's sad that radio programmers think they know their audience. Black people listen to NPR, God only knows why, but if they'd listen to THAT snooze-fest then there's no reason to think that 92.3 is a white-only radio station. Something needs to change or that station is going to end up blasting salsa.


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