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Monday, April 03, 2006

Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want This Time

Smiths offered even more cash to reunite

Johnny Marr reveals silly money was on the table

Johnny Marr has confirmed recent rumours that The Smiths had been offered a fortune to reform, but added even more cash was on the table.

As previously reported, Morrissey revealed the group was offered $5m to play last year's Coachella festival.

Now his former bandmate Marr has confirmed that the group have been offered even more than that in the past.

"I don't really want to get into figures, but yes, I was made an offer for the Smiths to reform at Coachella," he told his official website

"I was also offered twice as much for us to play in New York, Hyde Park and God knows where else."

Despite offers believed to be in the region of $10m, the reunion has never taken place, with Morrissey stating: "Money doesn't come into it. It never has. I do what I do because it's all that I am."

Source: NME

I know, I know, I know. The Smiths broke up before I even discovered them. I was going to see Morrissey in LA back in 1991 but he cancelled the concert. I love the Smiths. I love Morrissey's voice, the SOUND of the band and of course, the lyrics.

I also sort of believe that once a band is broken up the magic that they created is gone and can't ever be fully recovered. For example, the Eagles. They do that "Hell Freezes Over" tour and it is obvious to EVERYONE that they are pretty much doing it for the money and not because they are dying to play together. Even older bands will just grab some substitute for an original member and hit the road for the cash. I heard this morning that the Cars are touring WITHOUT Ric Ocasek or Benjamin Orr. OK, that is NOT the Cars.

So while I would LOVE to see the original Smiths in concert ANYWHERE -- even on TV, part of me respects the hell out of Morrissey's lack of interest. That part of his life is over.


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