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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Noel G from Oasis Slams the Stones

Gallagher: Stones are too old

Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher reckons The Rolling Stones are too old to be taken seriously.

The Stones have complained about the poor critical reaction to their more recent albums, but in an interview with Maxim magazine, Gallagher claimed their best work is well behind them.

He said: "The Stones said that every time they put out an album they think it's their best and they can't understand why people don't take the new records as seriously as the old ones.

"Well, you're old age pensioners. By all means make records and go on tour, because if people want to see you, fine, but don't expect to be taken seriously. Your best work is behind you."

I couldn't agree more. I am a humongous fan of the Rolling Stones. I would love to see them in concert...if I had a Time Machine. I believe that the Stones were at their best from about 1969-1975. Their last good album was Some Girls (1978), and that was an inconsistent record. Yeah, yeah Emotional Rescue, Start Me Up...WHATEVER. Emotional Rescue is a great album if you start listening to it at track *7*. Brian Jones was the innovator, and Mick Taylor kicks Ron Wood's ass. I have nothing against Ron Wood, he's just boring. Their greatest albums are:

Sticky Fingers
Exile On Main St.
Let It Bleed
Beggar's Banquet
Black And Blue
Some Girls
December's Child (And Everybody's)

(It's Only Rock & Roll and Goat's Head Soup gets honorable mentions but I don't think these albums capture the real OOMPH of the Stones like the ones above).

I didn't really dig their "psychedelic" Their Satanic Majesty's Request and there's a ton of live and "greatest hits" packages that they shelled out during that time period.

The fact that they became one of the most financially successful bands in the history of rock is why I am cynical about them today. Mick Jagger is a brilliant businessman and takes great pleasure in investing and managing money for the band. I'm sure they all would have retired years ago if it wasn't for the fact that people will still pay $200 a ticket for the cheap seats to see them.

Their new songs are unremarkable. They're too old to rock and roll and too young to die. They're not like Steve Winwood who is a country gentleman now, putzing around his large English estate raising sheep and hanging out with the grandkids. They're still trying to nail teenage models. They're in deep denial.

Come on were SO WICKED COOL THIRTY-FIVE FUCKING YEARS AGO. Write a memoir, make documentaries. Produce other artists. Play poker. But MICK, please, stop prancing around shaking your ass-- you're older than my Dad.

Here they were in their hey-day -- how cool are Keith's pants??

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Here they are now -- the COOLEST AARP MEMBERS EVER:

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